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Submissions Guidance

We accept submissions at any time!
But... Deadline for #7: 15th July!!! 00:00

Poetry, Prose, Translation (or other creative pieces): We accept submissions in any language and from anyone. We don’t speak every language, but we will always make the effort to evaluate submissions in languages our editorial team do not speak -- see list below -- (by finding someone who does speak the language and can reasonably evaluate the piece, or other means). We will work with all creators who have submitted pieces we like to make it accessible to the English- or German-speaking reader (through translation, a vocabulary list, or other means). But we encourage all non-English pieces to be submitted with an original English translation by the creator/s! Pieces should not be longer than 1500 words (including any translation).


Essays: Essays should be in English or German. We are happy to help creators to produce satisfactory English translations of essays we like. Pieces should not be longer than 1500 words (not including any translation).


Art: Where we can, we’d love to get some of your art into Klang. Our cover pages present the most obvious opportunity, but we are open to new ideas! Our issues are printed in black onto white and/or coloured A4 paper that is folded into a booklet (about A5 size).


Languages covered by our team:









Our guidance may be long, but when in doubt… just Submit!


Are you ready? Follow the link to submit:

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