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شعر از محمدرضا رستمی

صدای بال هایش همچو خوابی/ لبت را میهمان پروانه زیباست

خرامان بال هایش می تکاند/ عجب فیروزه بر دردانه زیباست

بیفشاند ز بالش گرد آبی/ زنقشش گونه ات شاهانه زیباست

دگر از روی مروارید خیزد/ زشهدت می پرد مستانه زیباست

ندارد تاب داغ آفتابی/ که پرواز دل ویرانه زیباست

بشیند روی گل آن دورترها/ به حق این حقه ی رندانه زیباست

شود خیره به سوی ماهتابی/ بخواند چهره ات مردانه زیباست

بمالد چشم ها شاید خیالی/ خیالت در دل دیوانه زیباست

نگاهت مست چون جام شرابی/ که امشب شعر هر بیگانه زیباست

غزل ها می شود بر روی قابی/ چه با عکست نمای خانه زیباست

By Mohammadreza Rostrami and translated by Mohammadreza Rostrami and Jack Verschoyle

In all my dreams, I hear her flapping wings

She visits your lips. I am enthralled – the butterfly is beautiful

With grace, she walks through your lips – flapping

fresh turquoise flares on a pearl – how beautiful

The blue hue of her wings quenches you

due to this drawing, your cheeks are royally beautiful

She jumps from the top of the pearl

Making nectar of your lips. She flies; intoxicated. It is beautiful

She flees. Her heart boils in the heat of the sun

But the flying of a ruined heart is more beautiful

She sits on a flower, and looks from afar

She has solved the puzzle of the real. This intelligence! How beautiful!

She stares at the moonbeams

She sings that you are to die for– gorgeous– BEAUTIFUL

She rubs her eyes. She checks you for a dream

But even a dream of you is beautiful

I am drunk in the wine of your eye

Tonight, I would find the poems of any stranger beautiful

Only poetry could capture your glances

Hanging the portrait of your lyrics all around; my home will be beautiful

Mohammadreza Rostami (Reza) is a Physicist at TUM and is based in Munich. He is from Iran and his native language is Persian. He writes poetry and songs in Persian. You can find more of his work on Instagram (@mr2_mohammadrezarostami). We'd like to apologise for misspelling of Mohammadreza's name in the printed issue. Sorry Reza!

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