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如梦初醒 余真

时隔多年我才清醒,那过去认为 是爱的 只是具备了爱的要素 番茄只是具备了水果的外形和风味 电影院只是具备了 可以两个人一起热闹和静静 旅行只是具备了 那不伤害我的前方 八岁时我在大伯家 那时他是个不严谨的基督徒 我们在医院标志的十字架下 简陋地祈求 乞讨我们能够快乐而健康 从餐桌祈祷进了病床

Rude Awakening By Zhen Yu and translated by Violet Liang

Some years later I realised that, what I once reckoned to be love is merely something that bears traits. Tomatoes bear fruit’s shape and taste. Cinemas bear the seats for two people to liven up or to stay quiet. A journey bears some place ahead where I won’t get hurt. I was 8, and I was at my uncle’s. He was a slack Christian by then. Under the Cross of a hospital sign, we coarsely prayed for a miracle, and begged for happiness and good health, from the dining table to his sickbed.

雨靴 余真

一切都被用旧了,无论是 言谈还是争吵完毕 空气里燥乱的平息 只有雨靴,像新的一样 雨天和泥泞让我把它 短暂想起,又很快抛诸脑后 雨靴到今天还像新的一样 和倒数三千个昨日一样贴合这双脚 它没有变过,和朝阳一样 雨靴,我有一个揣测 也许我这一生从未下雨 一切都是准备,一切都是我的幻想

Rain Boots By Zhen Yu and translated by Violet Liang

Anything else has been worn, be it a word, or a quarrel, or in the end the peace that remains rattled. But only rain boots are kept brand-new. In rain and mud, the pair convulse my mind, soon set aside. Still, they are like brand-new. They fit me well as they did on each of the last three thousand days. They never changed, neither did the morning sun. Rain boots. I divine, it never rained in my life. It’s all for precaution. It’s all my illusion. Zhen Yu is an active member in a young poet society made up of students in Chinese literature and in creative writing. Violet Liang studies Logic and Philosophy of Science at LMU in Munich. She is from Guangdong in China. She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English and is learning German.

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