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What is Klang?

Klang is a magazine established with the purpose of exploring, promoting, and enjoying language, across languages. In which ways can different languages express analogous sensations, ideas, and emotions? In which ways can different languages enter conceptual friction or tension in communication? These are some of the questions which Klang hopes its artists and readers to explore.


Klang showcases works in translation, including short stories, poetry, and essays, as well as writing about language more generally, for instance in an emotional, historical, or philosophical sense.


Klang is a student run magazine that accepts submissions from anyone and in any language, but operates in Munich and in English. Klang aims to promote a diverse and egalitarian environment, both internally and with regards to the content it publishes. Klang is published on a bi-monthly basis, with each issue containing a concise but high-quality collection of work, Klang is published online for free, but is able to recoup expenses by donations and purchases of its printed issues. See our "support" section for more.


We would like to personally thank our backers from kickstarter who have made this website and our advertisements (and generally anything requiring some money) possible: 



Michael Bundscherer
Philipp Potocki
Sergey Kochergan


For helping us set up the first issue release event, and generally giving us the boost we need ed to bring the magazine to people, we would like to thank Jessica Dione-Wright and the team at Lost Weekend Munich.

For giving us such wonderful advice at the start of our journey, we would like to thank Chiara Zucchelli (Founder of Phi Mag).


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